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The Book of Whispering Spirits is now available in paperback and eBook editions worldwide on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble and more!

Ghostlight is now available on DVD and Video On Demand on Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, Xbox Video, Sony Entertainment Network, Google Play & more!

Color in the Black is now available in CD format on CD Baby, and in digital mp3 format on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and more! 14 tracks in all - over an hour of music!

Jeff Ferrell is a filmmaker, director, producer, musician, actor and author. He wrote, produced, directed, edited and acted in his debut feature film "Ghostlight", which was released in 2014. His debut solo album "Color in the Black" was released in the same year, which he wrote and produced, in addition to performing the guitars and vocals. His first book as an author, the ghost story collection "The Book of Whispering Spirits", was also released in 2014. His latest movie "Dead West" was released by RLJ Entertainment in 2017 and is now on Netflix.

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Dead West is now available on DVD and digital on Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, Vudu & more!